Monuments of Stone, Wood and Earth
Saal 'Einstein' from 17.06., 09:00 till 18.06., 15:40

In the 5th and 4th millennia BC, Neolithic societies began to build above-ground monuments and enclosures in many western, northern and central European regions. These developments are the result of social differentiation processes, changed economic practices, new exchange systems and ritual traditions. There appears to be a close relationship between monumentality and the collectivity in construction and use of the monuments themselves. The most distinct expression of the concept of monumentality exists in the form of megalithic tombs. However, pure earthen constructions, such as long and round barrows, are part of the same phenomenon. On the other hand, monumentality is also expressed in the form of stone monuments, which have no (direct) relationship to burial traditions, such as menhirs and enclosures. The latter must also be regarded as monumental also when pure earthen constructions, although they are also often accompanied by wooden architecture. Finally, wooden architecture itself can become monumental in character. The session "Monuments of Stone, Wood and Earth" should provide an overview of the manifestations of monumentality in its European context. By doing so, it should also present the latest developments and results in the field of the archaeology of Neolithic monumentality.

Date Time
09:00 The Phasing of Megalithic construction activities in Northern Central Europe
Furholt, Martin, Mischka, Doris
09:25 Deaths and entrances: Bayesian modelling of the radiocarbon chronology of enclosures and collective mortuary deposits
Whittle , Alasdair
09:50 Measuring distance in the monumentalities of the Neolithic in western France
Cassen, Serge
10:15 Cemetery and alignments of steles from the beginning of the 5th millennium at Fleury-sur-Orne (Normandy, France)
Chambon, Philippe , Ghesquière, Emmanuel
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Standing stone of western France: the other monumentality
Mens, Emmanuel
11:25 A shared ideology of death? The architectural elements and the use(s?) of the monumental late Neolithic gallery graves of western Germany and the Paris Basin
Pape, Eleonore
11:50 From pigment to symbol: The role of paintings in the ideological construction of European megaliths
Bueno-Ramírez, Primitiva
12:15 Tombs and Geology: Physical constraints and funerary choices during the 4th-3rd- millennia BCE in Central-South Portugal.
Boaventura, Rui, Moita, Patrícia, Pedro, Jorge, Nogueira, Pedro, Machado, Susana, Mataloto, Rui, Pereira, André, Máximo, Jaime, Almeida, Luís
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Iberian Neolithic and Chalcolithic ditched enclosures: a comparative history of their interpretation (working title)
Jiménez Jáimez, Víctor
14:25 Ditched Enclosures in Southwest Iberia: New Perspectives, New Approaches
Milesi, Lara, Jiménez Jáimez, Víctor, Marquez-Romero, José Enrique
14:50 Monumental entrances at Iberian Neolithic and Chalcolithic ditched enclosures. Entrance 1 at Perdigões (Portugal) as case study.
Caro, Jose L., Marquez-Romero, José Enrique, Jiménez Jáimez, Víctor
15:15 Megalithic tombs, stone heap graves and rituals in north-western Jutland: spatial and cultural relationships
Johannsen, Niels Nørkjær, Nielsen, Simon Kjær
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 The enigma of the Neolithic cult houses – Graves, shrines or social statement?
Gebauer , Anne Birgitte
16:25 Tustrup culthouse - architecture and destruction
Eriksen, Palle
16:50 Barrows, magic circles and the function of causewayed enclosures
Klassen, Lutz, Knoche, Benedikt
17:15 Enclosures and Timber Circles on Bornholm
Nielsen, Finn Ole Sonne
09:00 The Dutch hunebedden, especially D26-Drouwenerveld, which was almost completely excavated in 1968 and 1970, and about which a final report will soon appear
Bakker, Jan Albert
09:25 The wooden monuments of the Dutch wetlands: a monument out of time
Nobles, Gary
09:50 Phenomenology of spatial organization of Kujavian long barrows
Zych, Renata
10:15 Verification project of megalithic tombs in Western Pomerania (Poland)
Matuszewska, Agnieszka
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Altheim. Monumentality in fourth millennium BC Bavaria?
Saile, Thomas
11:25 Monuments of what? Mega-sites of the Michelsberg culture in the northern Upper Rhine and Middle Rhine valley
Gronenborn, Detlef
11:50 Ritual earthen monuments with pottery deposits of Michelsberg-Type – examples of a completely new type of landscape installations of the Early Copper Age in southern Bavaria
Eibl, Florian
12:15 An der Peripherie: Ein trichterbecherzeitliche Siedlungslandschaft in Mittelsachsen zwischen Elbe und Mulde
Strobel, Michael, Veit, Ulrich, Frase, Jörg, Vogt, Richard
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Haldensleben-Hundisburg: a small region with two traditions
Schmütz, Kay, Rinne, Christoph
14:25 What's going on in the southeast? Searching for the funeral and ritual practices beyond the Megalithic Oikumene. Examples from the land of Brandenburg.
Beran, Jonas
14:50 Megalithic monuments in Sardinia (Italy)
Cicilloni, Riccardo
15:15 Early Dolmens In The Western Caucasus: Evolution Of Construction
Trifonov, Viktor
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