Monumental Landscapes
Saal 'Siemens' from 17.06., 09:00 till 18.06., 11:50

Monumentality is a relational concept: It primarily emerges in its contrasting relationship to something in its immediate or extended vicinity. Therefore, monuments are always embedded in an overall landscape, from which they gain their significance. At the same time, it is often observed that individual monuments are related to each other and are enveloped in a spatio-temporal network of meaning that at least partly reflects social networks. Last but not least, settlement structures often represent the perhaps mundane background of the symbolic and ritual components associated with monumentality. Accordingly, it is imperative for an understanding of the phenomenon of monumentalization to assume an archaeological perspective which integrates landscapes. In the session "Monumental Landscapes", this entanglement will be investigated. In the presentations, different layers of meaning should be developed by addressing groups of monuments, their relationship to each other and to the non-monumental elements of the Neolithic worlds.

Date Time
09:00 Long-distance landscapes: from quarries to monument at Stonehenge
Parker Pearson, Mike
09:25 Monuments on the move. Assessing megaliths’ agency over NW Iberian landscapes
Fábregas Valcarce, Ramón, Rodríguez-Rellán, Carlos
09:50 Settlements and Megaliths in Eastern Holstein (working title)
Brozio, Jan Piet
10:15 Recent archaeological studies of TRB settlements in northwestern Germany
Mennenga, Moritz
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 The Michelsberg Culture of Northern Baden-Württemberg: a case study of a neolithic landscape with enclosures and open sites
Seidel, Ute, Regner-Kamlah, Birgit
11:25 Büdelsdorf: Enclosure, megalithic and non-megalithic graves in a microregion of the Funnel Beaker Period
Hage, Franziska
11:50 Causewayed Enclosure and megalithic tombs between the Elbe and the Eider – Studies on the Neolithic in western Holstein
Dibbern, Hauke
12:15 Megalithic monuments as manifestation of tradition and sites of memory: Analysing architecture and the distribution of megalithic phenomena in northern Germany
Schafferer, Georg, Rassmann, Knut
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Investigations at Friedrichsruhe Barrow Cemetery, Kr Parchim, Mecklenburg, Germany
Darvill, Timothy, Lüth, Friedrich
14:25 Case-study of Erwitte-Schmerlecke, Westphalia: An archaeological contribution to Hessian Westphalian Megaliths and their role in early monumentality of the Northern European Plain
Schierhold, Kerstin, Gleser, Ralf
14:50 A monumental burial site from the Funnel beaker period at Oosterdalfsen (the Netherlands)
Raemaekers, Daan, van der Velde, Henk M.
15:15 Monumentality, Liminality and The Negotiation of Ritual Space in the Irish Passage Tomb Tradition
McCormack, Lynda
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 Construction and life of a megalithic landscape: two forms of monumentality in the Charente valley (France)
Ard, Vincent, Mens, Emmanuel, Pillot, Lucile, Poncet, Didier, Mathe, Vivien, Cousseau, Florian, Leroux, Valérie-Emma
16:25 The geometrical menhir settings of Carnac (Brittany): A non-archaeoastronomical point of view
Perschke, Reena
16:50 The European Route of Megalithic Culture – Pathways to Europe’s earliest stone architecture
Hauf, Daniela Stefanie, Kelm, Rüdiger
09:00 Just passing by? Investigating in the Territory of the Megalith Builders of the Southern European Plains. The Case of Azután, Toledo.
Schmitt, Felicitas, Bartelheim, Martin, Bueno-Ramírez, Primitiva
09:25 Neolithic Territory and Funeral Megalithic Space in Galicia (Nw. Of Iberian Peninsula): A Synthetic Approach
Carrero Pazos, Miguel, Rodríguez Casal, Antón A.
09:50 Megalithic monuments and depositions in wetlands: Different elements, places and expressions of ritual in a TRB-landscape – a case from Denmark
Schülke, Almut
10:15 Early Neolithic (4000-3300 BC) Monumental Landscapes in Southwestern Scania, Southern Sweden – A New Perspective
Artursson, Magnus, Andersson, Magnus
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Social memory embedded in sacred space: the case of a monumental landscape in south-western Poland
Przybył, Agnieszka
11:25 Transforming the horizon – Towards the beginning of monumentalised landscapes in the North Caucasus and beyond
Reinhold, Sabine
Poster Presentations