Neolithic Subsistence and Megaliths
Konferenzraum 'Bosch' from 18.06., 09:00 till 18.06., 16:25

It has always been suspected that early monumentality is connected with and potentially also causally determined by changes in subsistence, economy and technology. Today, we are dealing with new results on Neolithic economies through innovations in scientific and archaeological analysis. New light is shed on agricultural tools, techniques and the organization of the Neolithic subsistence economy, including the movement and mobility of things, plants, animals and humans. In such a sense, the development of monumentality might be seen in the setting of new Neolithic economies. For the session "Neolithic Subsistence and Megaliths", we would like to invite presentations that deal with Neolithic subsistence in general, but also those that especially address the correlation between economy and monumentality.

Date Time
09:00 The pollen evidence for early prehistoric farming impact: towards a better understanding of the archaeological field evidence for Neolithic activity in western Ireland
O’Connell, Michael
09:25 Changing environments in a Megalithic Landscape: the Altmark case
Diers, Sarah, Fritsch, Barbara
09:50 Zooming in: Regional to local human-environment interactions during the Neolithic in Northern Germany
Feeser, Ingo, Dörfler, Walter
10:15 Vegetation in change – Neolithic land use in northwestern Germany
Kramer, Annette, Bittmann, Felix
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Winter Climate Variability in Central Northern Europe during the Neolithic
Butruille, Camille, Weinelt, Mara
11:25 Development of Neolithic plant economy in Northern Germany and Southern Scandinavia
Klooß, Stefanie, Fischer, Elske, Kirleis, Wiebke
11:50 Landscape ecological and archaeological dynamics of early farming communities on the western European margins
Whitehouse, Nicki , McLaughlin, Rowan, McClatchie, Meriel, Barratt, Phil, Schulting, Rick, Bogaard, Amy
12:15 Tracing dietary change of the megalithic population in Southwestern Sweden
Blank, Malou
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Neolithic subsistence in Falbygden. Some new data
Sjögren, Karl-Göran
14:25 Megaliths, people and palaeoeconomics in prehistoric Malta
Malone, Caroline
14:50 Dietary diversity during the Neolithic
Fernandes, Ricardo
15:15 'Baalberge' scrutinized or The Nomadolithic in Central Germany
Rück, Oliver
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 The site of Dabki 9 and the neolithization of Pomerania
Terberger, Thomas, Kabacinski, Jacek, Czekaj-Zastawny, Agnieszka, Kotula, Andreas, Schmölcke, Ulrich