Material Culture in Monumental Settings
Konferenzraum 'Bosch' from 17.06., 09:00 till 17.06., 14:25

The investigation of material culture represents the backbone of archaeological investigations. Material culture is not only important for the creation of a spatial-temporal framework, in which the monumental phenomena can be integrated: Material culture itself represents the most direct way to observe the lifeworld of the Neolithic cultures that are responsible for the construction of the monuments. Through the investigation of material culture, production and consumption processes become perceptible, which include the monuments themselves. By means of such analyses, the processes of work, which determined the Neolithic society to a certain degree, can be examined. Moreover, it is the tangible condensation of communication processes which connected the individual spatial groups. The exchange of objects may have represented a medium for the reproduction of these societies. Social differentiation processes can only be detected by comparing the material culture of different regions and different times. In the session "Material Culture in Monumental Settings", presentations are welcome which illuminate material culture in the context of the phenomenon of early monumentality. At the forefront, research should be presented that examines the production, use and distribution of objects and, in this manner, approaches the higher-level questions. Objects of study can be chorological or chronological differences in the use of an entire material group as well as the individual objects themselves. The question to be addressed should focus on how to reconstruct the integration of the object in the practices of daily use and how the practices themselves are integrated in the overall structure of past societies.

Date Time
09:00 The TRB pottery from Ostenwalde 1, Kr Aschendorf-Hummling: another look
Brindley, Anna
09:25 Archaeometric analyses of pottery technology in the Funnel Beaker Culture
Struckmeyer, Katrin
09:50 Contact Finds between the TRB culture and the Vlaardingen between Hoek van Holland and Amsterdam
Drenth, Erik, Bakker, Jan Albert
10:15 Pottery of the Funnelbeaker-Westgroup in Northwest Germany
Menne, Julia
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Typochronological models for Funnel beaker Pottery from megalithic and nonmegalithic graves in Northern Central Europe
Lorenz, Luise, Hinz, Martin
11:25 Flint use in ritual contexts
Larsson, Lars
11:50 Causewayed enclosures under the microscope – Preliminary results of a large scale use-wear analysis project
Bye-Jensen, Peter
12:15 Liselund: an Early Neolithic causewayed enclosure from Thy, northwest Denmark
Danborg Torfing, Tobias
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Three Baalbergian Monuments near Belleben, Salzlandkreis: Finds, Features and Explanations
Rück, Oliver
Poster Presentations