Information for Presenters

Oral Presentation

Each presentation will have a length of 20 min + additional 5 min for discussion.

Presentations will be given using a standard Windows PC; therefore the following presentation formats will be accepted:

  • MS Powerpoint (*.ppt or *.pptx files)
  • Portable document format (*.pdf files)
  • OpenDocument-Präsentation .odp

If you intend to use additional audiovisual material (eg. videos) please use standard formats and contact the conference organisation beforehand so that the necessary software can be installed. If your graphics or video clips are not embedded in your presentation, please be sure that you bring them with you.

Presentations may be saved on a USB hard drive (Pocket Drive) or USB flash drive.

Use widely supported fonts for ppts or odps, such as: Arial, Calibri, Lucida Sans, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Verdana. Avoid proprietary fonts that might be missing from the rental PCs. If you use a font that is not supported on the rental equipment then your presentation might look bad or you might need to spend a lot of time adjusting fonts.

Avoid using transition sounds, and make sure that you don’t have your presentation set for automatic slide advancement using a timer. It’s best to advance slides “on click.”

Apple Macintosh users must ensure that their presentations will work with Windows; alternatively, you may use your own Macbook with the projectors (please provide your own VGA or HDMI adapter).

It is the responsibility of all presenters to ensure as far as reasonably possible that their presentation will run properly in light of the aforementioned specifications.

Poster Presentation

Posters are limited to a size up to A0 portrait (1189 x 841 mm). For quality reasons we suggest that you bring the posters with you in printed form or send them to the conference organisation. The layout of the poster is up to the authors.