Archäologisches Kolloquium: Dr. Viktória Kiss, Budapest

15.02.2021 von 18:30 bis 20:30


Recent results of social and mobility patterns from the 3rd and 2nd Millennia BC in the Carpathians Basin.

The presentation summarizes the work of the Momentum Mobility Research Group, a five-year project granted by the Momentum Programme of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Our team collects multiple lines of complementary data from human inhumation burials from numerous sites throughout Hungary, spanning several phases of the Early and Middle Bronze Age in Hungary – a period of one thousand years, between 2500 and 1500 BC. Analysed burial assemblages of the mentioned region can be connected to Bell Beaker, Kisapostag, Vatya, Füzesabony, and Tumulus cultures. We focus on archaeological, radiocarbon, osteological, and aDNA data, to better elucidate emerging Bronze Age patterns of social organization, transformation of burial practices and human movement in the central part of the Carpathian Basin.


Sprache: englisch
Format: online
Meeting ID: 886 4570 5237
Passcode: 529195

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