Institute Library Reopens

Jun 19, 2020

The institute's library will be reopened on June, 22nd 2020.

Opening hours are limited to Monday-Friday, 9 AM until 4 PM.

Visitors must adhere to the university's hygiene measures.

  • Visitor names will be documented upon entry to the library. You thereby confirm to acknowledge the hygiene measures.
  • Disinfectors are placed at each entry to the institute.
  • Wearing a face mask is recommended. 
  •  The number of workstations is reduced to 9 workstations in room 27, 6 workstations in room 15 (New Library), and if needed 2 additional workstations in room 33. Room 25 (Xerox room) cannot be used as a workroom at this time.
  • The Xerox room (room 25, catalogue) is only available for limited use of the available technical equipment. Please disinfect the equipment after use. Disinfectant will be available.


If the number of workstations should prove to be insufficient, advance reservations with time-restricted use for every visitor will be assigned.

CoViD-19 Safety Measures

Please heed the University Guidelines, specific measures for CAU's status groups, and the safety engineer's guidelines.

Please adhere to the following safety instructions:

  • Safety instructions for the continuation of research during a pandemic until official declaration of discontinuation (PDF of the presidium, in German).
  • Safety instructions for employees of the Institute of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology (mp4, in German).


We wish you all good health. Stay solidary and democratic.

Teaching Operations During Lockdown

Teaching operations will be adapted to the unusual situation. Details for sessions and applying can be found here.

Information about exams can be found on the pages of the examination offices (Faculty of Arts and Humanities, in German; Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences).

The Archeological Colloquium will be cancelled for this summer semester. Scheduled lectures will be moved to the following winter semester, if possible.

CoViD-19 - Lock Down

Due to the corona virus pandemic (CoViD-19) and the presidium's decision of April, 16th 2020 the institute will be closed. Please note the university's information page.

Following the university's decision, employees are to work from home unless important reasons contradict this decision. The administrative office and all employees can be reached via e-mail.