Biweekly Colloquium - semester topic "Human and natural resources in prehistory: qualitative and quantitative analyses" - Thomas Stöllner: "Early metal ages' mining and raw material procurement"

Nov 19, 2018 from 04:15 PM to 05:45 PM

Leibnizstr. 1, Room 204

Thomas Stöllner - Ruhr-Universität Bochum

"Early metal ages' mining and raw material procurement: From economic strategies to societal impacts"

The lecture deals with the development of sustainable mining between the 4th till the end of the 2nd millennium in West Asia, Eurasia and Europe. Several recent projects, carried out by RUB and DBM (Bochum) highlighted the complex interwovenness of technical, economic and societal spheres in raw material procurement practices of societies of the Caucasus, the Iranian Plateau, the Balkans and Central Europe. The early appropriation of raw materials turned them to socially important resources that influenced the welfare and the societal systems of communities interconnected in these activity spheres. Heuristic problems are occurring for archaeologist when limited parameters are studied, which sometimes results in false or at least questionable interpretation. Therefore, the parameters (quantitative and qualitative ones) to be studied in detail will be considered briefly and examined in the current research projects on gold, copper, tin and salt mining complexes. One basic question will be followed during the lecture, and this is the permanency of societal and economic structures and how it could be achieved by economic strategies that were deeply embedded in societal value systems and cultural practices.

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