Photography and Graphics


Hardly any other discipline relies so heavily on visual representations as prehistory and early history.
This starts with the documentation in the field and ends with the evaluation and presentation of the data obtained on the excavations in the form of maps, diagrams and tables. The graphic and photographic documentation of the finds and findings takes place at the same time.


Foto TasseThe photographic documentation is an integral part of archeology and therefore the work of the institute photographers plays a major role in all areas of the institute: They create high-quality print templates of ceramics and small finds with the help of digital SLR cameras, which are printed in posters, publications and catalogs Find use. Particularly for the international projects, whose finds can not usually be physically brought to Germany, technically competent photographs of the objects are essential.
Another facet of photographic work at the institute is the photo documentation of archaeological excavations on site. Thereby pictures of findings, also in detail, as well as large overviews are made. Here, too, not only the scientific applicability has to be considered, but also the future printability.
In consultation with the respective professors, students have the opportunity to receive professional fundraising photographs for their final theses. Likewise, students can seek advice on how best to photographically deal with large amounts of finds and what should be considered.


LandschaftThe main task of the graphics department is to create or revise digital field plans and maps that are partially generated in the field. For this purpose, geodata managed in a GIS and also "analogue" templates from atlases are processed. But also the creation of reconstruction drawings and found drawings, as well as the subsequent installation of found and photo panels belongs to this area of responsibility. Increasingly, students of the house also find us advice, for example, when it comes to questions about the design and layout of their own illustrations.




Title Phone Email Description
Susanne Beyer 880-3178 sbeyer(at) Graphics & excavation technology
Janine Cordts 880-3377 j.cordts(at) Graphic design & excavation technology
Agnes Heitmann 880-3377 | +49 431 880-3178 aheitmann(at) Photography & Graphics
Anna Sara Jagiolla 880-3178 sjagiolla(at) Photography
Ralf Opitz, M.A. 880-1638 r.opitz(at) Graphics & Excavation technology
Karin Winter 880-1638 kwinter(at) Graphics & Technical Editing