Equipment at the institute

The institute has its own PC lab with 10 workstations for the students, an A3 scanner, a printer and a comprehensive software offer. In addition to this, the server offers storage space for smaller projects, a digital diathek and a digital catalog of the in-house teaching collection, server-based databases, server-based software such as R-Studio and much support in the background. In addition there are three research terminals and a book scanner in the library itself.

The institute also has an extensive equipment pool, among other things. With 8 tachymeters, 8 notebooks for field work, one-differential GPS, two gradiometers for geophysical prospecting (1 probe, 4 probes), a multicopter for aerial photography with NOIR and RGB and much more.

The institute is part of the graduate school Human Development in Landscapes and the Johanna-Mestorf-Akademie, which allows the students and research projects to use a further equipment pool. These include, for example, A 11-gauge magnetometer and differential GPS for prospecting very large areas, a portable xRFA device for material analyzes (X-ray fluorescence analysis), or a digital microscope for various surface surveys, 3D surveying and documentation. For usage analysis.

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