Software in the PC lab

We strive to provide up-to-date software for training and ongoing research. At the same time, we are deliberately apply free software, which is available for our students without extra cost, even outside the university. The handling of the software mentioned here is taught in various exercises.

A selection of available software

area software
OS Windows 10
office MS Office, Libre Office, ABBYY FineReader
databases MS Access, SQLite
CAD, GIS Auto CAD, ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, SpatiaLite
3D, visualisation MeshLab, AgiSoft PhotoScan
statistic R, R-Studio, Capca, WinBASP, Past, Canoco
network analysis NodeXL, Gephi
archaeology specific OxCal, Stratify, TachyCAD, PhotoPlan, …
grafic, metadata Gimp, Inkscape, Irfan View, XnView, GeoSetter, ImageMagick, Adobe Creative Suite (1x)
editing notepad++


Softer run on our server

area software
databases MySQL, Postgres & PostGIS
statistic R-Studio