The institute for Pre- and Protohistory is performing several excavations on prehistoric objects inland and abroad and is analysing several others which have already been excavated by the team.

Excavations of Neolithic settlements, enclosures and megalithic graves of North Central Europe

  • Albersdorf (Schleswig-Holstein) PDF
  • Bad Oldesloe-Wolkenwehe (Holstein) PDF
  • Haldenslebener Forst (Sachsen-Anhalt)  PDF
  • Lüdelsen (western Altmark)
  • Tangeln (western Altmark)

Excavations of Bronze Age settlements and North Central European burial mounds

  • Bredenbek (Schleswig-Holstein)
  • Bruszczewo (Greater Poland) project page
  • Leszno

Excavations of Neolithic and Chalcolithic lowland settlements and Southeastern European tells

The excavations take place within the framework of research or training and are conducted in cooperation with various national and international institutions.