Megaliths - Enclosures - Long Barrows

Johannes Müller

Megaliths, ditched enclosures, and long barrows are the oldest monumental buildings in Central Europe. Since their creation in the Neolithic Age, these impressive buildings have exerted a special attraction and captivate viewers. How were they built? What purpose did they serve? And what did they mean to their builders? Johannes Müller addresses these questions and uses the latest research findings to show how monumental buildings were embedded in their surroundings and interwoven into spatial and temporal networks, how Neolithic settlement and social structures became tangible through these networks and what role the development of new ways of life and economy played in the Neolithic. The most important sites, such as Wangels, Brutkamp, Lüdelsen, Küstenberg and many more, are presented in detail in a separate subchapter. With spectacular, exclusive images!

Verlag wbg Theiss, 2017
ISBN 978-3-8062-3463-3