Studies on Archeology in East Central Europe 14

Bruszczewo IV.
Natural resources and economic activities of the Bronze Age people 
Janusz Czebreszuk, Johannes Müller, Mateusz Jaeger, Jutta Kneisel

The settlement of Bruszczewo was investigated by a German-Polish research team of archaeologists and specialists of various research fields whose work made this publication possible. The established interdisciplinary approach has become a hallmark of investigations at Bruszczewo.
The fourth edited volume in this series on Bruszczewo presents results of the study of many source categories, documenting the multifaceted and highly developed economy and culture of the Early Bronze Age site. The information accumulated over the course of many years of archaeological investigations paints the picture of a community that survived with much success for several centuries. This can be viewed as the result of their ability to skilfully take advantage of a favourable location in the network of information and innovation circulation routes intersecting in Central Europe. Moreover, the community owed most of their success to the effective use of value-added aspects of their interaction with the natural environment that they had exploited.

Bonn, Habelt 2015
ISBN 978-3-7749-3956-1