RADON-B Radiocarbon dates online

Radon-B-Bild.png RADON-B – Radiocarbon data online
Data base for European radiocarbon dates of the Bronze and Early Iron Age (version 2013)
Based on the work of Martin Hinz, Jutta Kneisel, Nina Krischke, Johannes Müller, Christoph Rinne, Marcel Rodens, Helle Vandkilde
Financed by: GSHDL

The data base encompasses radiocarbon dates of the European Bronze and Early Iron Age, spanning from 2,300 to 500 BC. The data can be sorted according to geographic or chronological factors, by the type of sample materials, by the sites of recovery or by the findings. The hope is that RADON-B will be instrumental in determining European chronologies by giving a current overview of absolute dates for Europe.