Dr. Jan Piet Brozio
Scientific Assistant, CRC-C1, project: neolithic period in Northern Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Walter Dörfler
Archaeobotany, Pollen Analysis; Safety Advisor
Dr. Ingo Feeser
Research Assistant, CRC-1266-F2: Socio-environmental transformations and interdependencies
Dr. Robert Hofmann
Research Assistant, CRC-1266-D1 Project: Neolithic period in Northern Germany
David Frederik Hölscher, M.A.
Scientific Assistant, KiSOC
Dr. Jutta Kneisel
Research Assistant, Johanna Mestorf Academy
Dr. Nils Müller-Scheeßel
Editor and course coordinator
Annalena Pfeiffer, M.A.
Hendrik Raese, M.Sc.
Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age developments in the south-west Baltic area (2500-1500 BC)
Dr. Christoph Rinne
Research Assistant, Computational Archaeology
Stefanie Schaefer-Di Maida, M.A.
Scientific assistant - SFB 1266, project: Bronze Age Northern Germany
Liudmyla O. Shatilo
Research Assistant, CRC-1266 - D1 Population agglomerations at Tripolye-Cucuteni mega-sites
Dr. Nicole Taylor
Teacher for special functions