Current Projects

  • Zwischen staatlicher Fürsorge und privater Vorsorge: Eine interdisziplinäre Studie zur Versorgungssicherung im 6. Jahrhundert anhand des Getreidespeichers von Caričin Grad (mit Rainer Schreg, Bamberg)  zur Projektseite
  • Frühe Pflanzennutzung und Beginn des Ackerbaus in der Taiga in Nordwestrussland (Projekt Veksa, Kooperation mit Prof. Dr. H. Piezonka, Kiel)
  • Dynamics of Plant Economies in Ancient Societies, TP F3CRC 1266
  • Population Agglomerations in Tripolye-Cucuteni Megasites, TP D1 with J. Müller and H.-R. Bork, CRC 1266
  • Cultivated and wild plants in Early Bronze Age Bruszczewo, Poland
  • Plant use in the medieval Warft Garding, Eiderstedt
  • Environmental reconstruction in the medieval Warft Wesselbuhren, Dithmarschen
  • SPP 1400 Early Monumentality: Agriculture and Environment as a basis for Early Monumentality (DFG) („Frühe Monumentalität: Agriculture and Environment as a basis for Early Monumentality“) to the project
  • "Early farming in South Norway: pollen analytical investigations at Lake Skogstjern/Skaugsjenna, Bamble (Telemark)", in cooperation with the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo University to the project
  • Archaeobotanical research on Chalcolithic megasites (Tripolje) in the Ukraine at the transition area of forest steppe to steppe vegetation to the project
  • Archaeobotanical research in Kakucs on the Bonze Age in the Hungarian Danubian valley (in cooperation with the University Poznan, Poland and the Academy of Science, Budapest, Hungary)
  • Use of plants in the Linear Ceramic settlement Vrable, Slovakia
  • Archaeobotanical research on Linear Ceramic sites in Brandenburg to the project
  • Olives and other plant remains in the Bronze age Tell Zeytinli, Eastern Turkey (in collaboration with Marcella Frangipane, La Sapienza University Rome, Italy) (PDF)
  • Floral works of post-medieval ducal church vaults in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (in collaboration with Dr. Regina Ströbl, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Monument Authority, Schwerin)
  • Plant use in the Roman Iron age to Migration period settlement sites (in collaboration with Schleswig-Holstein Monument Authority )
  • Plant remains from the Mesolithic site Oldenburg-Eversten (in collaboration with Dr. Jana Fries, Oldenburg i. O., Niedersachsen Monument Authority ) to the project
  • Plant usage in medieval and modern times urban sites: the case study of the Hanseatic town of Einbeck (in collaboration with Dr. Stefan Teuber, Stadtarchäologe, Einbeck, Niedersachsen)
  • Reference Collection of tropical pollen grains and spores (Asia-Indonesia) (ARC Environmental Futures Network, Australia)
  • Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes", GS HDL

Completed Projects

  • Habitat Harz (GS HDL, DFG, until 2012) (PDF)
  • Environmental reconstruction of the Bronze Age settlement Fondo Paviani, Terramare-culture, Northern Italy (GS HDL, DFG) to the project
  • Nutrition and Environment in the Middle Ages: Botanical remains out of the moat of castle "Zur Mole", Kirschgraben, Spessart (Botanical Plattform GS HDL, DFG) (PDF)
  • The Environmental History of the Besoa-Valley, Indonesia (Publication)
  • Plant remains and dating of a pit alignment at Hevensen (in collaboration with Dr. Petra Lönne, Kreisarchäologie, Ldkr. Northeim, Niedersachsen)