Smoszew (Krotoszyn)

The joint project of scientific collaborator Jutta Kneisel with Poznan University and Arhus University is focused on the largely uninvestigated period of the Middle Bronze Age in Greater Poland and is currently excavating a middle bronze aged burial mound More... near Krotozyn (Greater Poland). Since the last excavations (50-80 years ago) conducted for this period there have been many improvements made on excavation methods. These and the new methods for dating allow unresolved questions on the advent of the Middle Bronze Ages to be addressed anew and resolved.

Smoszew (Krotoszyn) has one of the few known middle bronze aged burial mound fields in Greater Poland (1600-1300 BC). The burial mound field, which was the focus for the excavations in 2009/10, lies in the middle of an old oak forest which has preserved it well over time.

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