Student Council

  • Council time: on appointment
  • Student council room: opposite the entrance LS2, R. 19
  • E-Mail:

The student council for Pre- and Protohistory is made up of students from various semesters and are the contact for students and teachers alike. In all of the various committees of the institute, to the faculty and at the student council conferences the council represents the students. Especially new students can find it very helpful to have all of their questions on things like the study plan, the course schedule, BAFöG, or practical work answered by other students. We offer consultation hours but you can also arrange for an appointment by email.

To give the new students a good start to their study we arrange a large breakfast or „Erstsemesterfrühstück“ for them at the beginning of each winter semester. At this breakfast you can get any questions you might have on the course answered and you will be given an extensive tour of our institute. We also arrange the Christmas party and an excavation party every winter to which all students of Pre- and Protohistory are invited.

Furthermore, the student council offers tutorials for the mandatory introductory seminar courses during the first and second semester, where the subject matter will be revisited and expounded on. The attendance is optional but is strongly advised as important information (relevant to the tests) will be discussed again and any questions on the topic will be answered.

If you want to join the student council you can come to one of our student council meetings, approach us or write us an email. We're looking forward to meeting you!

We are the student council

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from left to right: Wiebke Mainusch, Monique Schmidtke, Christina Schuber

Heads of finance


from left to right: Rebekka Eckelmann, Vanessa Elberfeld, Judith Böhm

Wiebke Mainusch


Monique Schmidtke


Hannah Eichholz

Coffee administration

Sebastian Schultrich

Beverages administration

Basti Breitenfeld

Maike Schimmer

Mara Randt

Nico Deguttis

Rebekka Eckelmann

Administration of finances

Sarah Sutter

UFG merchandise

Jun 24, 2016

Here you can order some fan merchandise to support the student council (in non-material ways):