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  Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic (CoViD-19) and by decision of the Presidential Board (16.04.2020) the Institute is closed.
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Pre- and protohistory (prehistoric and historic archaeology) is the study of the traces of human societies, usually obtained through excavation. It therefore contributes to research into the greatest period of human history. The unique profile of the institute in Kiel results from its combination of archaeological work as a humanities science and archaeological research using methods derived from the natural sciences. As a member of both the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, it is possible to graduate in both fields (Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Dr. phil., Dr. rer. nat.)

Our studies focus predominantly on the Neolithic and the Bronze Age, the Palaeolithic as well as the Early to Late Middle Ages and the modern age. As well as professors for pre- and protohistory we have professors for environmental archaeology / archaeobotany, for archaeozoology / isotope research and anthropological archaeology. The fields of computational archaeology and palaeoclimatology together with laboratories for pollen- and macroremain analyses open up considerable opportunities for practical research in the course of the studies in addition to field work.