31.08.2020 bis 05.09.2020

Maison Interuniversitaires des Sciences, de l’Homme Alsace (MISHA), Strasbourg

International Research School

in parternship with Université Franco-Allemande / Deutsch-Französische Hochschule

Data management and processing in archaeology

august 31- september 5 2020
Maison Interuniversitaires des Sciences de l’Homme Alsace (MISHA) Strasbourg

Scientific committee:

  • Loup Bernard,
    Lecturer, Strasbourg, University, UMR 7044 Archimède, France
  • Oliver Nakoinz,
    Privat-docent, Institute of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Kiel University, Germany
  • Lizzie Scholtus,
    PhD candidate, Strasbourg University, UMR 7044 Archimède, France


Guest lecturers:

  • Pierre-Alexis Herrault,
    Lecturer, Laboratoire Image Ville Environnement LIVE, UMR 7362, Strasbourg University, France
  • Catalin Popa,
    Postdocotral Researcher Leiden University, Netherland Xavier Rodier, Research engineer CNRS, UMR Université-CNRS 7324 - CITERES, France
  • Néhémie Strupler,
    Archaeological Unit, French Institute for Anatolian Studies IFEA, Turkey



Archaeology is a discipline that produces more and more data in many forms, whether from field work or research. By its nature, it works on incomplete and opportunistic data, but the development of digital tools now makes it possible to consider applying our questions to larger quantities of variables and information, particularly through LOD.

The MOSAICdata Summer School aims to bring together PhD candidates and researchers to discuss the management of this data and the tools available to process it. It will therefore be a matter of developing existing techniques for collecting archaeological data, curating them, aligning them and implementing them. Finally, it will also be an opportunity to discuss good practices to be implemented when using digital data.

This summer school will last six days during which several data management and processing methods, in different fields, will be illustrated and implemented using the Rstudio software.



Application form (pdf)

Information flyer (pdf)


  • Maison Interuniversitaires des Sciences de l’Homme Alsace (MISHA)
    Strasbourg University
  • UMR 7044 Archimède
    Université Franco-Allemande
    Deutsch-Französische Hochschule
  • Institute of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology &
    Johanna Mestorf Academy
    Kiel University

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