Archaeology of Rebellion / Archäologie der Rebellion

03.11.2014 von 09:00 bis 20:00

Johanna-Mestorf-Hörsaal, JMS4 - R. 28, Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte

One aspect of recent political discourses is the role, which social groups play and did play in processes of social change. While on the one hand many inquiries assume, that collapses of civilizations are due to a combination of the overexploitation of the environment combined with an extreme high level of societal inequality, on the other hand the triggers of such processes of change never were analyzed in detail. In many historical situations the upheaval of small groups, the organized rebellion on a local level, or even the attempt of a revolution were moments, in which social processes oscillated in. Such very fast processes of change are imprinted in the archives of landscapes and social developments.

Especially in archaeological records, and in anthropological research, these moments of change seldom were analyzed in detail. Fundamental in respect to such an approach is a theory of social change and action, a methodology to identify triggers of rebellion and change on different spatial and chronological scales and the reconstruction of the narrative, what happened in such situations to societies and there social space. In case studies the new forms to structure social space, and to set meaning to environmental elements, that rule landscape, could be disentangled.

The workshop will function as a root of further discussion and discourses on the issue “archaeology of social change”.



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