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The specialist library holds approximately 65,000 volumes as well as approximately 180 periodicals. It is therefore one of the largest libraries of an institute of archaeology in Germany. Because of the decades of accumulated literary works it covers pre- and protohistoric archaeology and related topics on a global scale. The emphases however, are on North Western to North Eastern European regions.

Beyond the institutes‘ holdings there are more books and periodicals on pre- and protohistory and archaeology respectively which can be borrowed from the central library. The central library in Kiel also takes part in the VIFANORD special subjects collection.

The specialist library is a reference library which is available to university members (students, staff, etc.) as well as other interested people. Technical features include reading rooms, photocopiers, a book scanner and internet access. The holdings of the specialist library are catalogued on the central library server.

Rules governing the use of the specialist and central library are conditions for their use. If you have any questions please contact the librarian, Dagmar Mayer-Staack.