17. Symposium der „Archäologie in Schleswig / Arkæologi i Slesvig“

Mar 02, 2018 11:30 AM to Mar 03, 2018 02:00 PM

The symposium „Arkæologi i Slesvig/Archäologie in Schleswig“ was initiated in 1991 by archaeologists working in Sønderjylland and the former region of Schleswig. Every two years, current excavations and research approaches are presented and discussed at the Jaruplund Højskole, not far south from the German-Danish border. Following the symposium, a small, partly colored publication featuring papers in German and Danish, and supplemented by English summaries, is published. A double-blind peer-review ensures a good quality of the papers. A team of three Danish archaeologists (Lilian Matthes, Pernille Kruse und Mette Nissen) from the Museum Sønderjylland-Arkæologi Haderslev and two German archaeologists (Tobias Schade and Michaela Schimmer), as well as one graphic designer (all from the Institute of Prehstoric and Protohistoric Archaeology at Kiel University) organize the symposium and the edition of the symposium´s proceedings.

The event and the print are sponsored by the Museum Sønderjylland-Arkæologi Haderslev and the Archaeological State office of Schleswig-Holstein (Archäologisches Landesamt), as well as the Archaeological Museum Schloss Gottorf.

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