Jan 04, 2021

Obituary of Stanislav Ţerna († 29.12.2020)

We mourn the death of our friend and archaeologist Stanislav Ţerna, who died on 29.12.2020 as a result of a tragic traffic accident. We lose a colleague, friend and scientist who had been living in Kiel for a short time. He was employed here as a scientist in the Collaborative Research Centre 1266 at the Institute for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology and conducted research on aspects of the South-Eastern European and Eastern European Neolithic and Chalcolithic, in particular the Tripolye site of Stolniceni. We had known Stanislav Ţerna since the Maidanetske excavation campaign in 2014, and since then we have repeatedly worked with him on various archaeological surveys and excavations. We have come to know and appreciate him as a warm-hearted, cheerful and polyglot person and a passionate and imaginative scientist.

For the Institute of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology:
Johannes Müller, Wiebke Kirleis, Robert Hofmann, Mila Shatilo, Marta Dal Corso

Informations about Stanislav Terna and his projects:
Obituary (PDF), www.crc1266.de, newsmaker.md , www.archaeology.ru