Historic Archaeology

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The Chair of Early History, Medieval Archaeology and Modern Archaeology focuses on the 1st and 2nd millennium AD and also touches on contemporary archaeology. The employees concentrate on Central Europe, with the current focus on Northern and Eastern Europe. 
In contrast to prehistoric times, the findings are also obtained through archaeological procedures - but the inclusion of written and pictorial documents as well as contemporary witness reports in the most recent phases of history is necessary in order to arrive at comprehensive statements in cultural studies or cultural history.

The Kiel BA and MA course is called "Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology". Historical archaeology is a term that is used differently in the diverse traditions of archaeology worldwide, but ultimately means an archaeological methodology for epochs with "dense tradition". In particular, the relationships between material archaeological and written sources are discussed. Historical archaeology is therefore also a bundle of methods for understanding historical processes and structures from a global perspective, regardless of regions and epochs. Early history, but especially medieval and modern archaeology are part of historical archaeology. 

A special feature of Kiel archaeology is the focus on "maritime and limnic archaeology". Numerous projects from the Stone Age to the present day are carried out in particular by the AMLA (Working Group Maritime and Limnic Archaeology). Furthermore the training to become a research diver is possible in Kiel.

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