Lake Tramme

The Palynology Division is testing its new drilling rig in Trammer See north of Plön on 29 and 30 June 2016.

The drilling technique adapted at the Kiel Institute for Prehistory and Early History under the direction of Dr. Walter Dörfler and Dr. Ingo Feeser will enable sediment sampling at greater depths of up to 200 metres. From the floating platform, the drill rods are guided by ropes to the bottom of the lake where they are driven in, thus eliminating the excessive weight of a continuous drill rod. The first test run in Trammer See at 16 m depth was accompanied and documented by divers from the Department of Underwater Archaeology (AMLA).  movie (1'40'')

Many thanks to Philipp Grassel, Julia Runge und Moiken Hinrichs.

Trammer See Taucher Trammer See Plattform
Die beteiligten Taucher. Die Plattform knapp über dem Grund.