Submarine prospection Norgaardholz

Taucher_Norgaardholz Dr. Sönke Hartz of the Archäologisches Landesmuseum Schleswig-Holstein directed the investigation of the shallow water area off Norgaardholz, that took place on May 21, 2016. Four AMLA members, supported by another diver from the Research Diving Centre at the Institute of Geosciences at CAU Kiel, took part. The investigation of the coastline was approved after very high quality stone artifacts were found on the beach and recreational divers reported a peat layer in the shallow water area. The diving work was accompanied by Dr. Stefanie Klooß, responsible department head of the State Office for Archaeology Schleswig-Holstein.

The results of the study prove the existence of the peat layer and the potential of the site for Stone Age research. Furthermore, the observed erosion processes should be checked by regular dives in the future.