Marine Archaeology

Marine Archaeology Marine Archaeology and the project group for maritime and limnic archaeology (AMLA)

Schleswig-Holstein – embraced by the sea? The ocean as well as inland water bodies such as lakes and rivers shape landscapes. The large settlement excavations in Archsum, Elisenhof, Haithabu or Oldenburg coupled with numerous little studies have impressively illustrated the interaction between humans and nature characterized by maritime landscapes.

The future these traditions of settlement archaeology will play an important part in working out similarities and differences of “Sea, Land and River”. Alongside archaeological and scientific methods, etymological sources harbor great potential for the study of maritime natural and cultural landscapes.

In this AMLA plays an important role. The project group for maritime and limnic archaeology was founded in 1997 at the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory. It is comprised of doctorates, graduates, magistrates and students of Pre- and Protohistory, some of whom are scientific divers. In February 1999 the AMLA was integrated into the institute's newly founded support association. The interest of the group lies in the integration of Land and Underwater Archaeology.

Further information on their projects and Marine Archaeology in Schleswig-Holstein can be found at their AMLA.

Activities of the divers at the Institute

Title Description
Anaxum Project Joint project with Italian colleagues in the Stella river, use of SFM in waters with poor visibility.
Lake Tramme Kiel divers accompany the test run of the new drilling technology for great water depths.
Submarine prospection Norgaardholz Investigation of a peat layer rich in finds with very high-quality stone tools.