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Palaeo-ecological research on peats and sediments are conducted in the palynology lab of the institute for pre- and protohistory. Fossilized pollen deposited over millennia in fens, lakes and coastal waters give insight into the vegetation and climate conditions of the past 15,000 years. Centre of attention are the interactions between humans and their environment from the early Stone Age to medieval times. Information on peat and lake sedimentations are acquired through the use of drill, then treated chemically and analyzed under a microscope. Physical and chemical measurements complete our reconstruction of past environments. In order to date sediments a procedure to find particles from prehistoric volcanic eruptions was developed.

Collaborators of the work group Palynology
Carola Floors | Tel. 880.2067 | Room: 034 | Svetlana Bass | Tel. 880.3176 | Room: 029 |

Larger projects of the palynological lab:

  • Kosel: Settlement and vegetational history in Anglia and Schwansen
  • Tephrochronology: Dating with the help of volcano dust from Iceland
  • Neolithication: Studies of the Early Neolithic in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Lakes in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Interdisciplinary examination of lakes
  • Romanization of the low mountain region: Change of the natural and cultural landscape
  • Turkey: Hittite and it's environment - Bronze Age in Central Anatolia
  • The Burren: Vegetation and settlement history of a karst landscape in Western Ireland