Publications by the Institute

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Thanks in large part to an in-house scientific and technical editorial team the institute has been able to produce - alongside the individual publications of employees - several publications over the years. The list of publications ranges from monographies, over periodicals up to open-access online-journals.


Scientific editorial office

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To facilitate the preparations for the printing of your manuscripts and images for the editorial staff, please observe these concise author guidelines in which you can also find our contact details.
If further information is required you can find more detailed guidelines here with several helpful examples.

deputies due to vacancy R. Opitz and K. Winter | Tel. 049(0)431/880.1638 | Raum: 149


Technical Editing

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The processing of the in-house series of publications as well as all products in the area of presentation (flyers, posters, information boards, exhibition catalogs, illustrated books) is completely carried out at the institute. Cover design, layout, set and the production of print data are developed here.
For the authors of our series of publications, it is advisable to contact the team of the technical editors in advance of the work on their own artwork, in order to discuss the necessary technical prerequisites for individual illustration examples.