Early Monumentality and Social Differentiation Vol. 15

Mensch-Umweltbeziehungen zwischen 4000 und 2200 cal BC. Vegetationsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen an Mooren und trichterbecherzeitlichen Fundplätzen der Altmark.

Recent excavations of Neolithic graves near Lüdelsen (Altmark) have provided important insights not only into the biography of these ritual sites and graves, but also into the entire development of TRB ceramics. In this book, Sarah Diers presents the paleo-ecological data of the excavations, and analyses the environmental development between 4000 and 2200 B.C. on the basis of several pollen profiles from bogs in Altmark. For the first time it is possible to unravel the character and extent of human influence on the environment in Altmark in the Neolithic. We also recognize the strong relationship between environment and society in the Neolithic.

Bonn, Habelt 2018
ISBN 978-3-7749-4130-4