Frühe Monumentalität und Soziale Differenzierung Bd. 13

Zwischen Elbe und Ems. Die Siedlungen der Trichterbecherkultur in Nordwestdeutschland
M. Mennenga

In the present volume, various funerary pottery sites from northwestern Germany are presented from a settlement archaeological perspective. Moritz Mennenga combines feature and find analyzes with current scientific dating. This facilitates a new view on the Funnel Beaker West Group. Above all, the examination of architecture and function of the houses in the West Group has created a new image of their development. Far-sighted, he succeeds in putting these into a European framework and in doing so setting out links with North-Western Europe. Thus, while large-scale purchases can be made on the one hand, the detailed analysis of the intrasite find distributions on the other hand enables partly surprising reconstructions of activity and waste zones - e.g. in the settlement of Lavenstedt. A new look at settlement burials and "cult houses" also contributes to a better understanding of the Middle Neolithic life situation in northwestern Germany.. 

Bonn, Habelt 2017
ISBN 978-3-7749-4118-2