Frühe Monumentalität und Soziale Differenzierung Bd.16

Keramik aus Megalithgräbern in Nordwestdeutschland. Interaktionen und Netzwerke der Trichterbecherwestgruppe
Julia Menne

The grave goods of Neolithic megalithic tombs in northwestern Germany are subject to constant change. Through the new research on megalithic burials in the distribution area of the Funnel Beaker Western Group the author reveals a close-knit cultural network. Selected grave pottery will be examined in addition to a descriptive analysis with current scientific methods in terms of their material science aspects. For the first time, the identifiable innovation transfer between the builders of the megalithic graves will be covered in detail. A clear contrast of identities emerges within Neolithic society, reflected in processes of adaptation and normalization within territorial and natural boundaries. Here the Emsland, with its numerous graves, plays a significant role as an intermediary within the Funnel Beaker Western Group.

Bonn, Habelt 2018
ISBN 978-3-7749-3910-3