Frühe Monumentalität und Soziale Differenzierung Bd.17

Die Megalithgräber im Haldensleber Forst
Christoph Rinne

The Haldensleben Forest northwest of Magdeburg near the Midland Canal is known for its impressive number of megalithic tombs. Containing 117 monuments made from ice age boulders in an area of only 86 km², this is the southernmost density centre of this type of site. Yet as of today, this remarkable ensemble of tombs has not been portrayed inclusively before this publication. The publication at hand contains a catalogue and plans of the tombs as well as evaluations of both previously published and unpublished materials in connection with recent research and own recordings. In context to adjacent grave sites and settlements, the region is displayed as an area of habitation and burial. The publication also includes a CD containing all the data collected and used for analysis and provides an excellent basis for further research.

Bonn, Habelt 2019
ISBN 978-3-7749-4201-1