Vom Bodenfund zum Buch. Archäologie durch die Zeiten.

Festschrift für Andreas Heege

Historische Archäologie Sonderband 1

Christoph Rinne, Jochen Reinhard, Eva Roth Heege und Stefan Teuber (Hrsg.)

Bonn, Habelt 2017
ISBN 978-3-7749-4092-5

More than 500 pages, 31 authors, a time frame from the Neolithic to the Modern Age and a space that not only extends from northern Germany to the Alps, but also touches on Jordan - such a work is not only a commemorative publication, but by the contributions almost a compendium. This is in honor of a professors only? Those who think in such categories not only cling to old pigtails, but disregard the scientific oeuvre of Andreas Heege, which one may justifiably call the archaeological foundation of a feature and finding based archeology, especially of the Middle Ages and the Modern Times.

online: DOI 10.18440/ha.2017.101