Landschaft erforschen - Sozialen Raum rekonstruieren

Exploring landscapes - The Reconstruction of social space

Herausgeber Johannes Müller

Exploring landscapes - the reconstructing social space. In the last five years, scientists from numerous disciplines at Kiel University have devoted themselves in intensive field work to the reconstruction of pre-modern social and environmental conditions. As part of the Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes" and the "Johanna Mestorf Academy of Socio-Environmental Research and Landscape Archeology", the fieldwork in particular led young scientists to areas from Peru to the Ukraine, from Iceland to Ethiopia. A major focus of the new findings is the reconstruction of prehistoric and ancient societies in Central Europe and Southern Scandinavia. For the first time, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the diversity of activities.

Habelt Verlag, Bonn 2014
ISBN 978-3-7749-3917-2