Studien zur Archäologie in Ostmitteleuropa Bd. 18

a Middle Bronze Age multi-layered fortified settlement in Central Hungary

Mateusz Jaeger, Gabriella Kulcsár, Nicole Taylor, Robert Staniuk (eds.)

The Kakucs-Turján archaeological site was investigated by a Polish-Hungarian-German research team of archaeologists and various specialists. This volume contains the first, preliminary results of their work, giving the reader an insight into the complex history of the Bronze Age settlement and its economic activities as reflected in the multi-layered stratigraphy of the site.
The currently analysed materials from Kakucs-Turján may help to indicate the basic parameters of the development and functioning of the Middle Bronze Age Vatya culture; on the one hand strongly based on local tradition, on the other contextualized within a wider network covering the Carpathian Basin.

Bonn, Habelt 2018
ISBN 978-3-7749-4149-6