Studies in the Archaeology of Eastern Central Europe

Studia nad Pradziejami Europy Środkowej

This series (first published in 2001) was born out of the desire to find a way to rapidly publish the established cooperative work of German and Polish archaeologists. The editors are: Janusz Czebreszuk from Poznań, Sławomir Kadrow from Krakow and Johannes Müller from Kiel. The results of current research conducted in Eastern Central Europe are published in English and in a timely manner in conference proceedings. Doctoral theses, as well as the most recent results of the Polish-German excavation project at Brusczcewo, are also published in the series. These bilingual (Polish-German) volumes emphasize our close cooperation but also constitute a rarity in the archaeological world of publishing. The covers are colour-coordinated by their content: conference proceedings are blue, theses are green and excavation results are (appropriately) sand coloured. The volumes are published in Poland or Kiel and have been released on commission by Verlag Dr. Rudolf Habelt since the third volume.

List of the published volumes