Universitätsforschungen zur Prähistorischen Archäologie

The UPA publication series was originally started by five German university institutes to allow young scientists and examinees to publish their research and theses under favourable conditions. Publications have spanned the whole of human history from the Palaeolithic to the Modern Age and 19 different cities from 5 countries are now included in the series. The authors and the corresponding departments at the institutes are responsible for typesetting and make-up, as well as the delivery of PDFs that are ready to print. The print is financed either by the author, the institute involved or Verlag Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH , who also ensure distribution. (Leaflet for authors).

The Institute also publishes two sub-series (within the framework of the UPA) that differ visually from the original UPA-series through their cover design. One is the series Neolithikum und Chalkolithikum in Zentralbosnien (The Neolithic and Chalcolithic in Central Bosnia), in which current research results of the Okolište project are published. The other is Human Development in Landscapes in which the international workshops conducted by the graduate school in Kiel are published.

UPA volumes by the institute

UPA volumes by the Graduate School Human Development in Landscapes