SFB 1266 - B: Complex Foragers

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B1: Pioneers of the North: Transitions and Transformations in Northern Europe Evidenced by High-Resolution Data Sets (DFG GEPRIS)

This project concentrates on cultural and socio-economic transformations in mobile hunter-gatherer groups during their colonisation of Northern Europe in the Final Palaeolithic period, as they were confronted with different and changing environmental conditions. To this end, well-preserved sites from Northern Germany and Scandinavia are studied with regard to the archaeological remains and connected environmental records. Thus, the dynamics of technological developments, subsistence strategies, mobility patterns and local and regional interaction networks will be examined and contextualised with changes in the environment.

Principal investigator:   Berit Valentin Eriksen

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B2: Transitions of Specialized Foragers (DFG GEPRIS)

This project will investigate the interplay of social and environmental transformations during the Early and Mid-Holocene period in Northern Germany with a focus on the increasing influence of humans on the environment. To this end, the available data of several well-investigated micro-regions are used together with additional archaeological and palaeo-ecological field-investigations with a multi-scalar, regional approach, which will explore the relationship of environmental changes, subsistence strategies, changes in social organisation and human impact on the environment.

Principal investigators: Harald Lübke, Ulrich Schmölcke, John Meadows, Sönke Hartz

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