Unetice North

Grabhügel von Lenki MaleLate Neolithic/Early Bronze Age developments in the south-west Baltic area (2500-1500 BC): Why did the Bruszczewo-Leki Male type of power structures appear?

DFG: project identifier 277223019 GEPRIS

The social development of the Northern Unetice culture (UC) of the south-west Baltic area (SWB - from Holstein to Greater Poland) was highly significant regarding the agglomeration of power structures. Reasons for this process still remain unclear; especially concerning the roots of the development of Early Bronze Age (EBA) society against the backdrop of the Late Neolithic (LN) (e.g. Corded Ware and Bell Beakers). Our Polish-German research on the EBA fortified settlement in Bruszczewo (Koscian area in Greater Poland) confirmed that specific, very stable and innovative UC power agglomerations existed for centuries, denoted as the Bruszczewo-Leki Male type. However, just as for the entire SWB area, it is still not possible to explain their origins and relations to previously dominating socio-cultural phenomena.

Our project aims to achieve two main interrelated goals. The first is to identify the socio-cultural character of LN societies and their role in the construction of UC identities in the SWB (macroscale). The second is to recognize how these roles are visible in the Koscian group of the UC (microscale).