J. Hoika, MEGAGRA Megalith Database (2011)

Recovered research data of Dr. Jürgen Hoika.
Latest version of a data collection comprising 1033 records of megalith graves in Schleswig-Holstein. Thanks to the generous consent of Evelin Hoika, the dataset is now free available for research.
Creative Commons BY-NY-SA. hoika_megrab_2011 by Jürgen Hoika is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
MEGRAGRA.ZIP, readme.txt
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Further information:

Rinne 2011: C. Rinne, Digitale Archäologie. Nachlass von Jürgen Hoika+. Journ. Neol. Arch. 13, 2011. Article.

Concerning the data:

In many cases "-", "k.A." or similar expressions indicate missing information, in consequence some numeric fields are defined as string values. Most numeric fields show "0" instead of missing value by field definition. Likewise this is a artefact of the original dataset and may be edited by the user.
Concerning the field labels:
The field names in dbf are restricted to 8 digits. The following list shows the assumed meaning of each original abreviation.

label assumed meaning
GRB_NR grave number
GEMEINDE municipal
ORTSTEIL urban district
FLUR field name
KREIS district
LA_NR cultural heritage number
GRABEINF grave enclosure (mount)
HGLMASS mount dimensions
HGLDM mount diameter
HGLLG mount length
HGLBR mount width
HGLHÖHE mount hight
HGLRICHTG mount orientation
HGLLAGE mount orienttaion concerning the grave
GRABFORM grave type
TRÄGZAHL documented number of othostats
GRABMASS grave dimensions
GRBLÄNGE grave length
GRBBREITE grave width
GRBHÖHE grave hight
GANGLG passage length
GRBRICHTG grave orientation
OFF_RICHTG passage orientation/aspect
BAUFORM construction
ZWICKELBAU infill between orthostats
BODENFORM pavement
KERAMIK ceramic
STEINGER stone tool
BERNST amber
DAT_VON datation from
DAT_BIS datation until
LIT1 literature
LIT2 literature
LIT3 literature
LIT4 literature
LIT5 literature
LIT6 literature