current projects

  • The El-Hemmeh Project, Jordan, PPNA, PPNB
    The el-Hemmeh Archaeological Project is a multidisciplinary research project investigating several critical shifts in the economic and social practices of hunter-gatherers and agropastoralists that dramatically transformed human lifeways ten thousand years ago in the Near East. project homepage
  • Wadi Faynan 16, PPNA, Jordan
    (with Johannes Haenel and Nils Eberle, Project Assistants)
  • Beidha, Jordan, PPNB in collaboration
    (with Prof. Dr. Ben Arbuckle, Baylor University)
  • Oldenburg, Germany, Mesolithic Oldenburg, Germany, Mesolithic project homepage
    (Alice Berger, University College London)
  • Jerash, Jordan
    (Verena Kerres, CAU Kiel)
  • Bordesholm Monastery
    (Nils Eberle, Johannes Haenel, Benjamin Ostwald)