Olsborg - A Middle to Late Slavic central location in the East of Schleswig-Holstein

Olsborg Insel im Plöner SeeThe Middle to Late Slavic Island fortress “Olsburg” on Plön lake has once again been at the centre of landscape archaeological research since 2003. The area is probably equivalent to the historically known “Plune”, which was described in detail by Helmond von Bosau and is characterised by him as the centre of a “terra”.

After initial research in the 1950s, A. Wilke (Kiel) identified a bridge construction at the end of the 1990s, which was partially examined. The archaeological and scientific investigations on the island are focused on settlement structures. These led to the identification of a settlement which began in the Midd 10th century, experienced a crucial upheaval “around 1,000 AC” and was probably abandoned at the end of the 12th century.

The complex construction at the limes saxoniae as well as the areas of Bosau-Bischofswarder und Scharstorf gives us a good insight into the living conditions and the Slavic culture at the outskirts of their Western area of settlement. 

A first summary of the research can be found here. Further information on the excavations can be found on these pages.

The excavations of the island “Olsborg” and its surroundings are being processed by Nelly Friedland (Dipl. Prehist.) as part of her diploma thesis.

Contact:  Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller | Dipl. Prähist. Nelly Friedland

Funding: Institute funds; Marius-Börger-Fund


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