In Kiel, Historic archaeology focuses on the Middle Ages and Post-Medieval period in Europe. The teaching and training works within the time-frame of the first century AC up until the present (“contemporary archaeology”). Research is focused on the time between the High Middle Ages and the Early Post-Medieval period. The North as well as the East Central European regions are the main focus of various projects.

Contentual Priorities

  • Cultural practices of social groups
  • Urbanisation and urbanity
  • Artisan production in the Middle Ages
  • Landscape archaeology, specifically maritime and limnic shaped regions
  • Development of theories

With the appointment in Kiel of the Faculty Chair, “Maritime Archaeology” was strengthened and enlarged and in cooperation with the professorship for Prehistory “Computational Archaeology” was established. In 2011 the importance of establishing a Historical Archaeology of the Premodern period was recognized when the denomination was specialised to “Protohistory, Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology”.