Location of the site

The settlement „Es Rossells“ lies between the city Campos (to the west) and Cas Concos des Cavaller (to the east), in the parish Felanitx southeast of Mallorca (Illes Balears, Spain). The region of Migjorn in which the site is located, is a southern extension of the flat central part that extends between the popular tourist spots S'Arenal de Palma and Cala d'Or to the southeatern coast. The slightly raised ground to the west and the southern extension of the Serra del Llevant with the Puig de Sant Salvador (510 m) near Felanitx are barriers to the landscape and eastern coast.

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Aerial photography (current, 1956) of IDEIB and a geological map (WMS) can be opened in a new window.

The Serra del Llevant is geologically speaking very diverse. It consists to a large extent of various formations of the Upper Trias to the Jurassic with substantial portions of dolomite and limestone. The Migjorn in contrast is very uniform in its consistency and has mainly limestone in its subsoil, as is also the case at the site of Es Rossells. In the plains of Campos, to the west of the wooded hills, local quaternary sediments consisting of silt and gravel dominate. Accordingly the extent and intensity of agricultural use increases from East to West and decreases in the scrubby, wooded areas. The aerial photographs made in 1956 show a markedly thinned landscape also around Es Rossells, probably caused by grazing animals such as goats. 

In the immediate vicinity of the fortified settlement another tiered hillock made of large limestones (named 'túmul esglaonat') was erected as well as several unidentified constructions during the Talaoit period right up to the Roman occupation.