Survey 2015

The cooperation between the two universities was continued on the site of Es Rossells from 16 to 20 of March. During this short time span the students from Palma University (UIB) and Kiel University (CAU) had to carry out the planned tasks.The main objectives were:

  • Correction and suppelemtation of the fotogrammetry of the outer wall of the settlement with a total of 103 pictures.
  • First field survey and documentation of the neighboring site Es Rossells III east of the settlement.

Again the work was documented with a small multicopter (Blade 350 QX), but this year a raspberry pi with camera without an infrared filter (NOIR) was used for consecutive fotos. The fotos show a reduction of the otherwise dominant green tones and a slightly higher contrast but unfortunately only low image quality. The heavily overgrown artificial hill with its stone walls was documented with a total station under dificult conditions in the two days left. Parallel to this, prospecting took place in the largely inaccessible terrain between the settlement and the artificial hill.

Luftbild der Mauer von Es Rossells im Nordwesten der Siedlung Vermessung des künstliche Hügels.
Areal foto of the wall of Es Rossells in the northwest of the settlement. Documentation of the artificial hill of Es Rossells under dificult conditions.

Subsequently, the collected data were processed in the software SketchUP, depending on the interpretation a texture was assigned to each stone and all the information extracted with additional data on size as well as position for further analysis. In addition, a simple 3D model was created for Google Earth, which allows the perception of the monument in the landscape.

  • 3d model of the wall of Es Rossells (KMZ)
  • 3d model of the stones from the artificial hill of Es Rossells (KMZ)