Bruszczewo: Bronze Age in the great polish settlement cluster of Koscian (DFG) (“Bruszczewo: Bronzezeit in der großpolnischen Siedlungskammer von Koscian“)


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Financed by: DFG

In accordance with a longstanding collaboration with the Poznan University, research is being conducted on the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age approx. 60 km south of Poznan. The research involves extensive surveys and the excavation of an early bronze aged settlement as well as the future excavation of a Late Neolithic site. The many palaeoecological findings enable the reconstruction of the relationship between humans and their environments.


Smoszew: Middle Bronze Age in Greater Poland (“Smoszew: Mittelbronzezeit in Großpolen“)

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Financed by: City Krotoszyn

The joint project of scientific collaborator Jutta Kneisel and Poznan University is focused on the largely uninvestigated period of the Middle Bronze Age in Greater Poland and is currently excavating a middle bronze aged burial mound near Krotozyn (Greater Poland).


 Bredenbek (LA 29)


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Financed by: Private investor, self-funding

In collaboration with the State Archaeological Department of Schleswig-Holstein a bronze age burial mound (LA29) in Kronsburg-Glinde by Bredenbek (Kr. Rendsburg-Eckernförde) is being analysed.