Bredenbek (LA 29)

kneisel-bredenbek-magnetik.pngIn collaboration with the State Archaeological Department of Schleswig-Holstein a bronze age burial mound (LA29) in Kronsburg-Glinde by Bredenbek (Kr. Rendsburg-Eckernförde) is being analysed by the institute (Jutta Kneisel). Despite the extensive damage caused by ploughing, the remains of a burial and the extent of the enclosure were traceable. The discovery of secondary burials, pits for cooking stones and post-holes complete the picture of a complex bronze age tomb.

  • Arkæologie i Slesvig/Archäologie in Schleswig 14, 2012, 59-70 (PDF)
  • Article Archäologische Nachrichten 2009 (PDF)